Chapter 2: The crime scene was a picture of horror.

Blancas partner, Mike, arrived at the crime scene in the meantime and received a picture of horror. Don Fusar, the name under which the dealer was known in the City, layed half eaten away by insects on the ground before him. He was a handsome young fellow, blond, muscular, younger than thirty years old. From its former attractiveness and charisma not much was left. The only thing that still emanated from him was a disgusting smell. Neighbors became aware of the stench. Recognized that in the residential Container next to them something was wrong. Following the state of the corpse, Fusar probably has een dead for several days already.

Mike dabbed a little menthol paste under his nose to rid the stench, and looked around. Right next to the front door, on a small console he found

the snake eye contact lenses

the drug dealer carefully preserved in two small containers. The lenses were custom-built, with integrated CPS, City Positioning System. Mike found liked them, they seemed to be a practical thing in illegal activities. They helped to see if someone was approaching, who approached and how near he already. Mike and all the other system employees had installed the CPS in their helmets. CPS was not provided to ordinary People, it was much way too expensive. But as elsewhere, there was a black market here and Don might have bought his contact lenses there. If a dealer did not have the wherewithal for such a toy, then who.

“Somehow funny,” Mike thought. When he bought somethin from the Don, he found the contact lenses with the Snake Eyes Motif always kind of silly, so childish. Now he liked them.

That it hid a great technique in behind, he had no idea.

Not once he had seen in the eyes of the pusher when he bought fuel from him. Now the Don was dead. Sad, really. And he, Mike, no longer had the bike. This was even sadder.

He looked around the room further. A small picture from Monet hung at the small wall opposite the entrance door. For Mike it was only a small colorful painting, Monet told him nothing. But he recognized that the colleagues of the forensics Team were making a big deal out of it. In front of the painting stood an easel with a picture frame and colorful colors. Mike coated his Hands with a spray to not contaminate the crime scene. After a few seconds, when the spray had dried and a thin layer had pulled on his hands, he raised one of the brushes.

“Things you would never expecting in Usguard…”

he wondered.

The whole town knew about the unusual friendship between Rudy Fusar and Aron Preston, former Assistant of the mayor. Only few know that Aron had made his friend this precious gift.

Mike thought of the coach. He had been the one who had delivered the coach at Mina. Mina, his boss, the mayor of Usguard, was the most powerful person of the city. She received her assistant, Aron Preston “The Coach” as the whole town called him, in handcuffs.

A few days later he was executed. Sure, the coach deserved it. He was the second-highest system employee and he had to abide by the law like everyone else. Actually, more than that, he should be a role model, because the city looked up at him. But he took drugs, had hung around with the dealer, murdered two people for personal reasons. He abused his position and has, if not intended, but nevertheless contributed to the large explosion. On the island many have already been executed for less.

Now the coach was history. And his friend also.

Rumors say that Rudy did never come over the death of Aron Preston. Mina also, by the way. Mike had therefore more expected to suicide than murder. Most suicides jumped from the deck into the sea. In most cases, they packed up heavy metal parts on the clothes and were drunk. For the system that was an unpleasant thing, because the island patrol had to catch  them up and fish them out from water.

Mina, the mayor, was a diva, a bitch and she had definitely not many positive attributes. She bathed in their privileges as administrator of the city. But the laws that her father Leo has established, were sacred to her. She had no mercy, even on the Coach. She had no mercy in most cases.

Mike began to examine the body,

He could still remember his first investigation. He was about  twenty years old and was Assistent of his former trainer. It smelled disgusting and the sight, as the insects made to tamper with the semi-decomposed body, made him vomit. Meanwhile, he was callous.

Chapter 1: An indicent proposal in the Tattoo Museum

The human skin is between one and four millimeters thick and separates the inside from the outside. The skin protects against thermal influences and can forward sensations. It has hair and sweat glands, as well as receptors. It is colonized by bacteria, fungi and microorganisms. Some do not feel comfortable in their skin and some do. Some were used to tattoo their skin.

Tattoo, so they called injecting ink into the second layer of skin. At the beginning of the 21st century mankind began to tattoo eyeballs.

Blanca was at the Tattoo Museum and read the panels full with interest. She had brought the space of ass antlers behind her, was in Tribal Hall, has viewed religious, ethnic and antique tattoos and had arrived at pickled eyeballs at the showcases. She was waiting for one of the security guards of the museum, she wanted to interrogate in a murder case. In the meantime, she looked around a little when she was here already.

The eyeballs disgusted her. Who made a thing like that? So first tattooed the eyeball and also tattooed eyeballs. Must both be eerie human types. She quickly left the field and strolled into the hall with the UV tattoos. The room was kept in a cool industrial design and industry flooded with black light. On the left wall there hung groomed body parts. On the right wall, the detached skin parts were behind glass. They were all illuminated with black light and thus laid open their mysterious images.

An odd sight. Fascinating and disgusting at the same time. She had read that in earlier times human bodies had been prepared and issued. Since there were exhibitions with people whose skin had been peeled off. Just to bring anatomy closer to people. Pretty perverse as she thought. In the museum of Usguard They just had tattooed body parts. They were lucky that they had at least this museum. Well, it would have lacked nothing to her, if they had not, otherwise she would certainly been there once before.

But when a murder case she has led here, why not watch. And it was definitely interesting. It was no longer possible to make a tattoos. Smears had indeed to be made somewhere if one was the last city on Earth, and was able to save only 250,000 people. You could not take it all along and not produce anything, don´t you?

She was studying the inscription on Titanium White tattoos, which at earlier times allowed working people to get tattooed. It was not allowed to them to wear tatoos in every profession. On the day invisible, this art unfolded only its full splendor at night.

Skin. Her skin has to endure a lot about last year. She had been shot and the resolution capsule began to do their job. Her skin had already broken away from their bones when she was rescued. It took months until everything was half grown again and it was not all quite in place yet. That was not so bad, because she was wearing a tight suit from an advanced polyurethane every day. This was sprayed as foam, gave protection was comfortable to wear, you could not see through it, and no one could see the tragedy that was happening under it. She had these sparkling in all colors, and today she had chosen a yellow one and as a knee, elbow pads and boots a white color. Looked funny in this kind of light.

Blanca looked her suit along first and how the white light reflected the black light. but her eyes landed again, as lately more,  on her left upper arm and then continued down to the forearm. She looked at it and turned her arm in unfamiliar UV light and admired the dark metallic construction. Unfortunately, there was not much that could have been done after her serious accident and the limb could not be saved. The arm was amputated and replaced with a metal prosthesis. The new hand worked well and she could use it almost completely, as if nothing had happened. But the foreign body sensation remained. Despite the medications and therapy. Often she made these strange exercises with the mirror that had been recommended from the doctor: put on a table and put a mirror in the middle, as a kind of separation between right and left half of the body. The mirror is designed to reflect the right body halves. You can see to the left into the mirror and raise the right arm. This gives the impression that she would raise her left arm and apparently gives the brain a good feeling. Helped her there anyway.

While she, as so often marveled at the shiny black metal of her fingers while moving the finger slowly, she heard a man’s voice from behind.

“Look who we got there? The most famous woman of the system honored us with a visit. What an honor! “instead of the expected security guard of the museum director himself stormed to Blanca. He grabbed her right arm and began to shake him excited. A tradition that had not deposited on Usguard. Blanca still did not like to shake hands. As a system employee, and as Albino enslaved for years, she did not have it anyway with the friendly being and as a protector she was not very accustomed to normal human relationships. But she smiled, trying to be friendly.

“You are an integral part of the media.” Continued the director. “Since they have all very well taken care of turmoil. You have roused us, so to speak, with us I mean the inferior people. If we would have known all. Well, presumably not much would have been different. “He laughed and patted Blanca on the back chummy. Blanca winced. She had a small, delicate stature, and experienced a lot last year. Her battered body was still not healed completely. Her counterpart of course did not know that, but he realized that he had been too rude.

“Oh forgive, I am again stormy. But I am so very pleased to see you. May I carry you around a bit in our house? Would you like any explanations to the one or another exhibition? What did you like most so far? Did you like the eyeballs? Which are already breathtaking, right? “

Blanca did not know which of the many questions to answer first, and just as she was about to begin, already beating down the next question to her.

“Because we are talking so nice and close. I’ve got a big request to you and it may seem to you bold and bizarre. But I have a big dream that only they can satisfy me. “He made it exciting and Blanca did not have the faintest idea what this huge man wanted from her.

“You had this accident. I have followed it all in the news sadly.” The museum director made a gesture toward her arm.

“I dare not at all to speak, but do you have the separated part yet?” He now pointed openly on her prosthetic arm.

Blanca started. He did not really, right? He was completely foreign to her and he talked to her about her most terrible experience, since she could remember.

“I’m just asking because one does not come easily to cool exhibits zoom in our city. But your arm… I would really like to present it in a showcase. I dream of a separate room for it. The arm upright with the fingers upward in a round glass cylinder. On a beautiful faux marble column. Lighting effects….”

Blanca was disgusted again. Could anyone stop this guy? So disgusting. The eyeballs first, then the body parts and now this obnoxious guy.

“No. You can´t. Who do you think you are? My arm’s my business. And now excuse me, I have to work here.” Blanca was horrified. She turned and fled. Even if she did not really know where to go because she had no idea where the security guard was waiting for her. But enough was enough and she was not able to spend a minute longer with the museum director. It was time for interviewing her suspect.

“Think about it. You know where to find me! “He called to her, and Blanca could unfortunately hear.