It all began with a motorcycle trip:

The idea for the book began during a motorcycle trip from Vienna to San Sebastian and back in June 2006. 4000 kilometers winding roads, incredibly good food, sunshine, plenty of time to think and unforgettable highlights triggered in me the need of something to write.

The following vision accompanied the project: A guy in black leather gear that does not fit into a cold and cool science fiction future, drives with the last Motorcycle in the world in the setting sun and you only see his silhouette as he is getting smaller on the horizon.

From this I developed his profile: Who was he? Why did he not fit there and how was the environment into which he so little fit? So Usguard, the last City was created in which a motorcycle was completely out of place. And I gave him Blanca aside, cool, cold, pale and a bit chipped, like the rest of the island,

This again was followed by the story. How then does a world look like, where fast and motorized transport has no right to exist and what has struck out? How did it happen?

And from then on the puzzle fell into place.

It was immediately clear that it had to give as a great mystery, a mystical number and a crazy actor who wants to solve this mystery. In my head I only had the ” Mama ” from ” Dredd ” but no one should be so bad in my Story.

As inspiration served me Philip K. Dick.

And what can I say: I have written a book.  And now the story continues. But not in print this time, but as a blog. And here we are.

Magnus mentor

I was born in 1971 in Lower Austria. As a child, I’ve already read two books the week, my own first and then borrowed until I had the Pfarrbücherei by.

At 19, then, after completion of the HTL Steyr, I moved to Vienna and after some job hopping across smaller IT companies settled down in one of the largest ICT providers in Austria.

Vienna is THE city. Every time I come back from holidays or travel, I know – I arrived. Sometimes I leave Vienna, especially for cruises, bike tours, for the annual Blossom and a visit to the native Mostviertel.

I love the dark world of science fiction. Was it as a child Spock fascinated me, so after that was a book that I had been given by my aunt: James Kahn: ” The Return of the Jedi ” the ignition sparked my passion. Later joined with Blade Runner Philipp K. Dick as an author to the extremely fascinated me. ” The Galactic Pot Healer ” is awsome in my opinion. My current favorite book is ” Daemon ” by Daniel Suarez, a book recommendation from work colleagues, I am fortunately followed.

Previously released:

  • November 2008: “Die Privilegierten” a science fiction novel, Novum Verlag, available at Amazon, Libri and others, and of course in bookstores:
    ISBN 978-3-85022-533-5.
    Link to Amazon.de
  • December 2009: The tobacconist, socially critical short story Novum Verlag

The pseudonym:

is a combination of the first names of my support team on my first book. There were (not coincidentally) twelve of them and to all my thanks.

Above all, I thank Günter, for the wonderful writing instrument for signing and for anything beyond.

And, of course, has bought first my book Gertsch.

And finally, I thank Benedikt, who has motivated me to finally tackle the second part.

              M A R K U S          
            P A T R I C K          
              G Ü N T E R          
       B E T T I N A                  
              U L L I & B E R T       
              S A N D R A          
              M A R L E N E        
            H E R B E R T          
        F R A N Z                  
          P E T E R                
            D O R I S              
          M A R T I N