Portrait of gloomy one

Mike Brigth, born 2056

He is one of the twelve protectors of the system. Actually, he is a biker, but unfortunately he was driving his motorcycle in the first part to scrap. Mike is the only person in Usguard suffering from allergies and always has to sneeze. That worries him because he really would like everyone else, should be immunized as a baby. So why it was not made to him? He has even hired a private eye to find out. Mike goes great with his parents, enjoys working likes to party, like to depend on in bars and does not think much of long relationships.





Beautiful girl in the image of albino with blue lips and white eyes.  Art beauty face.

Blanca Night, born 2059

She is one of the twelve protectors of the system. Blanca was the favorite Albino Leo Vincent, founder of the city, and is under special protection. So she can be tormented by the Administrator of Usguard but must not be killed. Blanca hates motorcycling, is friendly and quiet, likes to be on the roofs. She loves fashion and attaches importance to their appearance. With joy she tries out everything that is redeveloped and has a stubborn sense of humor. Also she has lost something in the first part, namely her arm. She was hit in combat by a resolution sphere, which has damaged her body and unfortunately the arm could not be saved.




African jewel

Karmina (Mina) Vincent, born 2036

Karmina is the daughter of Leo and Sue Vincent, the city founders. From childhood on she has been trained to be mayor of Usguard. When her father, the first mayor of the city dies at 70, she takes over the age of 24 years, the highest office in the world. The power rises to her head, she is conceited, aggressive and narcissistic. She has a capacity to no confidence knows no mercy and no pity and makes tough decisions quickly and decisively. Mina looks good, dresses well and is afraid of mystics. She was in love with her advisor, and has adopted two laws for him: Banning religious and esoteric acts. Since her adviser died in the first part, she lived in seclusion, rarely making a name for themselves.

La modern lookduk (Duke) Varato, born 2048

Duke is the leader of the opposition. The opposition is tolerated by the system, but observed. They offer gentle resistance to most of the decisions emanating from Mina and try to live as independently as possible. Mina endures because survival can only be ensured if different approaches are pursued and the opposition is consistently pursuing alternative approaches than the system. Duke is an authority with great charisma and who stands opposite him, is automatically drawn into its spell. Duke’s hobbyists, farmer, head of the family and accepted leader. He seems confident, strong and wise. He has a wife, Pia Varato and two children, Luce and Mia. His sisters name is Eve.



Beautiful brunette woman

Eve Varato, sister of the Duke, born 2057

Eve is the sister of Duke Varato and member of the opposition. She had to take care of Mike when he had been captured a few months ago, at the beginning of the exciting events. She showed him everything, as they had become friends and offered him lodging. At Christmas they were a couple.



Helgor Tilan, born 2057

He is the husband of Amy and a Neobiot. As such, he is persecuted and hunted. Helgor gives lessons and shows his students the underground of Usguard, secret paths and hidden corners. A secret video message he sent to the administrator over several messengers missed their target. Instead of a basis for negotiation he gets the death penalty. Since then, he has gone into hiding and is working to rehabilitate his reputation.

Rudy Fusar, born 2065

Rudy is a mechanic for the ventilation of the city. He has a wife and two sons. He never did his outcome, but everyone knew it. Even from his part-time job, the illegal trade in unauthorized goods of all kinds, he has never made a secret. He was a good friend or even more Aron Preston. From him he has got a valuable Monet, standing in his apartment. Rudy loves bright colors and would even like to artists.

Aron Preston, born in 2054

Aron himself was only Vatari, then remover and protector, before he became the consultant of Mina. He ran through all configurations of the system and knows the island like the back pocket. He has even had bad experiences with healers and commuters and on his initiative Mina has adopted two additional laws that prohibit religious and esoteric acts. Aron revered and idolized his boss, but could never give in to their advances because his heart belongs Rudy Fusar. He always stuck to laws and regulations, was honorable, his affection for a drug dealer was the only dark side to him. For now.

Portrait of older woman with short hair and white top

Gibbi and Andal Bright, born 2023

They are the parents of Mike. They were both chemists and scientists in Usguard. They developed the predecessor of the body sprays, and developed prototypes of today available on Usguard paper clothes. What Blanca wears today, based on their research results. They were 34 years old when she decided to have a child. But it did not work. The system offered them the adoption of Mike.


The security of Usguard.


Association for the implementation of the worlds crises and continuity plan.

The Privileged

Residents of Usguards. Those descendants of the 250,000 people who were picked out to live on Usguard.


Guardians of the system


The executive branch of the system.


Arian: a Vezuden
Cynia: former waitress in the pub “source” and Ex of Mike
David Hayden: Witness at the Museum
Flori: waitress at the “source”
Giro Ventus: museum director

Leo Vincent: architect of the city and Minas father

Lommy: a Vezuden and fiance of Wanka
Noah Todd: Witness and scientists
Ramos: a Vezuden
Stan Nadal: Blogger and scientists friend of Mike’s parents
Titus Grab: private investigator and advisor to Mina
Toxa Neutan: neighbor
Victa: protector and colleague of Mike and Blanca
Wanka: Daughter of the museum director and friend of Lommy
Zanto: a Vezuden